Private Harmonica Lessons — Get Good or Get Better...Fast!
I've given more than a thousand private lessons.

Some of them are with total beginners who want, or need ("The Office Talent Show is on Friday!") to play blues or rock harp right away...and sound reasonably good.

Others are with advanced beginner or intermediate level players who either:
1) Realize that they are stuck, playing the same riffs and solos over and over
2) Want to be able to improvise better
3) Are ready to start playing with a band, and want to do that with confidence and success
4) Just can't bend, or bend well, on their own.

Quite a few are advanced intermediate or advanced players, who want to improve tone, bending technique, and learn new songs and solos quickly.

For these last two groups (advanced beginners through advanced players), I use my "treasure trove" of many hundreds of transcriptions of songs and solos that I've created for my personal use over the years. At no extra charge, I allow my private students to see them and we use them in the lessons.

I have worked with a number of pro harp players as well, to help them hone their talent.

It's not a cheap way to learn (I charge on a sliding fee scale, starting at $50 per hour), but it's fast and effective.

For more information on this, please contact me (using the link below), with "private lessons" in the subject line.