What Key Harps to Use with Bending the Blues
This method can be best used if you have a key of C, a key of A, and a key of F harmonica.
These have to be "standard" ten hole harmonicas.
(Which are sometimes called ten hole "diatonic" harmonicas.)

You can use my harmonica note bending package with just a C harp, but you'll get way more out of it with all three keys: C, A, and F.

Need Harmonicas?

We now carry the Mojo Deluxe line of harmonicas in all commonly used keys.

These are a good, low cost harp (although serious players — or even beginners with lots of disposable income — will eventually want to "graduate" to one of the more expensive models that we carry at
www.bluesharp.com, or visit a music store to see the tremendous range of harmonicas in the "$30 and up" category!

But if you're a new player who's been wondering what playing an A harp or an F instead of the key of C that came with your beginning package, or an intermediate player who knows that a few more keys would come in handy once in a while, or a near-beginner who is getting my Bending the Blues Method, and is low on both harps in different keys, and money (who isn't, these days?) — these are what you need!
Please remember that once you can play any song or riff in one key (like C), you can just buy a different key, stick it in your mouth, and play the same thing with nothing new to learn...
The Mojo Deluxe harps are only $7 each!
After you own a C, A, and F, I suggest getting, in this order: G, D, Bb (B flat) and D.