My Bending The Blues Package will:

• Teach you how to get
every commonly used draw (in breath) bend on the standard ten hole harmonica. And in the easiest, quickest way possible. With my unique methods, I can teach most people to get their first bend within minutes (GRRR! It took me ten months!)

* So instead of getting six notes out of six holes as you breathe in on holes 1 through 6, you'll get as many as fifteen different notes!

And some of these notes will be the most important ones to use in blues and rock playing, since they will be part of "The Blues Scale!"

And of course I'll teach you how to use your bends to play that incredibly useful scale!


• As you begin, step-by-step, to master the easiest draw bends, you'll also start to work on the "Blow Bends," on holes 8, 9, and 10...

• ...
which are considered by most players and teachers to be a very advanced technique. I'll get you goin' on 'em - and using them - pretty darn quickly!

• You'll also be working on the "partial draw bends" available from holes 2 and 3 (including the super-important "three in half-step bent" note that gives us the "flatted third note" of the Blues Scale (and don't worry if these words mean nothing to you now, they were "Greek to me" but now I can explain them so that even people with ZERO musical background can understand).

• And learning to use shakes, "growls," hand wah-wahs, and "dwahs" with your bends, to create great blues and rock riffs!

• Lastly, after you can bend all of the commonly used draw and blow bend notes, I'll teach you (if you're a really serious harpist, since I doubt that one in 10,000 out of all players can do this) to get the "overblow bends" from holes 4, 5, and 6 out...

My 64 page book and two CD Set (with two hours and 38 minutes of easy instruction and fun to play along with playalongs) costs US$22.95. It will give beginners what they need to sound good right away, but has literally years of instruction for serious students. Please consider it an investment in a lifetime of blues and rock harp playing pleasure!